Our Elders

Pastor Andy Barnes
Pastor Andy Barnes was called to New Life in January 2013. He attended Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA where he earned his Master of Divinity degree, and has been in full-time vocational ministry since 2000. He has been married to his wife Stacy for 21 years, and they have 3 children ages 13-18. Pastor Andy’s personal mission statement is: “I exist to pursue the glory of God in all things among all people.” He is excited to see people transformed by the gospel for the glory of God.

Pastor Ray Bertolet
IMG_20160119_110630I was about ten years old, attending a Good News Club when I was confronted with my sin and a need for a Savior. I invited Christ into my life and about three years later followed the Lord’s command in baptism.
Louise and I were married in August of 1974, living in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Guam before moving to Delaware in 2002. We have three grown children, Timothy, Marie and Charles and we have eight grandchildren.
In the past, I served as an elder for Blandon BFC and Bayview Baptist Church. During the time at Blandon, I was also chairman of the elder board (when a pastor resigned), secretary to the elder board and chairman of the mission committee and building committee. God allowed me to use my years of construction and supervisory experience to see the task of constructing a church building during a time while Blandon was without a Pastor.
Over the years, God has allowed me to be involved in a number of ministries and touch the lives of many individuals. Louise and I have been serving the Lord in full time ministry since leaving Pennsylvania for Guam in March 1994. We served with Trans World Radio till returning in August of 2002 to begin service with Church Extension Ministries were I serve as Assistant Church planter as part of their Delmarva project.
Over those years God has used me in a number of different areas for ministry. While in Guam I taught on two weekly radio programs plus produced two other programs. I oversaw the broadcast schedule for our five international transmitters airing over 17 different languages and I served as an elder in a local church where I had regular opportunities to preach. Later Louise and I began helping in a church plant where I helped teach new believers and developed several men to become future elders in this church. Louise helped with the Sunday music ministry.
When we came to Delaware in 2002, we assisted Ken Barber in planting New Life BFC of Delmarva. I have been involved in coordinating with Bible Fellowship Churches who helped with outreaches, assist with their VBS programs and helped with the construction of the church building, developing the plans and coordinating BFC volunteers. We began a home Bible study in Millsboro that lead to several families beginning to attend and joining New Life BFC.
In fall of 2008, I alternated weekends with Mark Morrison preaching and working to develop several ministries in Cape May Court House. Working together we established an outreach to families who have recently moved into the area. I also began working with teams to complete community surveys for a possible church plant in Milford, DE and I was involved in a weekly radio program on a small local radio station.
Louise has played the piano for New Life for a number of years and also helped begin a women’s Bible Study with Kathy Barber and continues to teach and play today.

Tom Lioy
IMG_20160119_135127After my wife became a catholic, she met a woman in our neighborhood who was a born-again Christian. Betsy spent a lot of time with this woman and began to have doubts about her catholic teaching. This began a lengthy struggle between us after Betsy received Christ and became born-again. The battle and arguments about what I was taught as a Catholic and what Betsy was learning became too much for her to handle and she had an emotional breakdown. Because of this, Betsy spent almost a month in recovery at a local hospital. During this time, a born-again nun from the group my wife was attending, came to our house and invited me and my three young sons to dinner at a couples house (Jim & Faye Rowan) that night. (I didn’t know them and I didn’t know they were also born-again Christians). Although I was very uneasy about going with her to a strangers house for dinner, my three sons wanted to go so that they could get a home cooked meal and time away from the chaos at home. It was during dinner that the phone kept ringing over and over with prayer requests that Jim & Faye wrote down to be prayed for later, or so I thought. But after dinner was over, the Rowan’s cleared the table and immediately got ready to pray for all the prayer requests that they had written down. But, before they started, they asked if I would join them at the table while they prayed. I felt extremely anxious with a deep knot in my stomach, but I felt I couldn’t say no. So, I said yes. They asked me to join hands with them and as I did they began to pray. Feeling uneasy, upset and afraid, I just listened to what they were praying. While they were praying, the power of the Holy Spirit came over me and I felt an immediate sense of peace & comfort. The uneasiness and nervousness was gone. Later, when I was finally at home, I realized what my wife had been telling me about receiving Christ was true and I received Christ into my heart that night! That was 39 years ago, and I have been walking with the Lord ever since.